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Alright, I need strong advice about my LSAT studying. I am planning to take the June LSAT and I have been studying since February. I will be honest, I have not been putting in my MAX effort since I am still doing normal coursework and in junior year in undergrad (I guess that is my excuse). Despite my studying, I have seen no improvement in my score and I am getting more and more desperate to see results.

I guess I have to start with my embarrassing first score. The very first practice test I took was a 141. The second was a 148 (taken a week later and with at least a gist of the questions), so I guess this made me think that the LSAT would not be terrible. But every since then, I have barely crawled out of 148 and into 154. I'm going crazy here. What is you best advice? I know, it is highly unlikely that I get above 160 (even with a 160, I would take the test again for a better score). But I don't know what to do to ramp up my score while managing my finals (this and next week).

PLEASEEEEEE help me out here with any relevant advice!

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Nothing to be embarrassed about a first diagnostic of 141 is not bad and in all honesty you are not going to be in the top 20% of ambitious college graduates that are motivated enough to actually show up to the LSAT, which is what a 160 LSAT score is.

Once you attend law school there is an 80% chance you will not be in the top 20% of the class either.

If you get a 154 you can get into plenty of ABA approved law schools, which is an accomplishment and you don't need to go to Harvard or Yale to be a lawyer. In fact 99% of practicing lawyers didn't go to Harvard or Yale.

So the best advice is be realistic with yourself and set realistic expectations otherwise it is going to the LSAT, law school, the bar exam and working as a lawyer is going to be a struggle.

With that said if your not putting your best effort in then put the test off until summer. If you are only a junior in college there is no rush you might consider taking the December LSAT or just taking the June test and seeing what happens. You can retake without any real consequence almost every school takes your top score at this point.

The advice you will need throughout the whole law school process is to not over think things. It seems like you are concerned that there is a chance you will not score a 160 and odds are you will not. That does not mean it is the end of the world you can get into nearly 100 ABA schools with a 154 and a good GPA.

 Good luck to you and here is a good article about choosing a law school for when that time comes.

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I'll second what Citylaw said.

First, I'm of the view that it is not in anyone's interest to take the LSAT before they are 100% ready. No one can to tell you when you are ready - only you can. And it is clear that you feel like you are not going to be able to showcase the best of your abilities for xyz reason. That is fine - really. Just don't waste your time, money, and psychological fortitude by throwing yourself under the bus before you can bring it. My suggestion is that if you are honestly serious about law school, invest 100% of your energy the 3-6 months before a LSAT exam in preping for it. It's not necessarily about getting X score - it's about getting the best score that you can possibly get.

Second, and as an extension from my above comment, don't fret about a particular score. Yes, you want to sort of keep track of your progress to improve and, yes, you want to aim for that 180. But one thing is having positive mental ambition; it is an entirely separate thing to cripple your progress by obsessing over numbers. Dream big, play (err... prep) hard, and let one come come.

Third, mid 150s is where it's at for most schools. Keep it up and you will have very strong options. My baseline score before I started peeping was around the high 140s and my real LSAT ended up being in the high 160s. A 20 point increase is not impossible - it's just difficult. Again, don't go crazy about trying to get xyz number - your goal is to gain the skills necessary to showcase your fullest potential on the LSAT. That might be a 160 for you or a 170 or a 155. You will know when you are fully prepared.

Good luck!

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Well said if your truly not ready then don't take it, but I guarantee no matter how much you prepare you will always feel there is a bit more you can do.

You can put the LSAT off forever  just wanting to give yourself a few more months, but each time you put it off is time spent not in law school. If you have studied for months then it is as good as it is going to get. No offense to you, but I would not bet on you or anyone else not even Einstein getting a 180.