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Interested in Becoming a Lawyer but Unsure of Exactly Why? This Podcast can Help

The Gen Why Lawyer Podcast in iTunes is hosted by millennial attorney, Nicole Abboud, and is dedicated to discovering the “Y” of law; that is, discovering the Gen Y lawyers who are accomplishing amazing things in their legal careers as well as the Gen Y’ers who are more entrepreneurial and have decided to use their legal knowledge to pursue interesting alternative careers. If you're questioning if a career in the law is for your or if you're wondering what it's really like to be a young lawyer, check this great podcast out! It's free and can be found in iTunes or at

Some more info about the podcast:

When the glitz and glamor of passing the bar wears off, the reality of finding a job, tackling the steep learning curve, making money, and succeeding as a young attorney sets in. It doesn’t help that we’re battling against an ugly economic climate. Gen Why lawyers are a community of young lawyers who ask “why?” when it comes to their professional and personal lives.  We are hungry for successful professional lives but are just as excited about leading fulfilling lives outside of work. We have respect for the traditions of the practice of law but also aren’t afraid to integrate technology and new procedures to enhance the practice. Most importantly, Gen Why lawyers are business entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs; they care about making money and about social good.

If you have any questions about this podcast, don't hesitate to send me an email at  I'm here to help!