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Need help applying


Need help applying
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The more pressing question is: where do you want to live/work after law school?

It's not until you get into the T14 (and even then) that you get schools that truly place students in jobs throughout the US. In your range, you are looking at schools that will have solid local pull up to, maybe, regional pull. In other words, if you go to school at FSU, you will be practically limited to having the strongest shot at landing a job in the northern Florida area. If that area is not a place you see yourself spending your foreseeable future living and working in - do not even apply.

I say this because your school list is literally all over the map. There is nothing inherently wrong with this - just make sure you actually want to live/work in any given school's respective region.


Note that in the eyes of law schools, the only true URM hispanics are Mexicans and Puerto Ricans. Any other hispanic (South American, Cuban, etc.) and you may get a "diversity" soft-factor boost, but it will be minimal (at least compared to a true URM boost).

What School

Once you know the cities you can legitimately see yourself living in post law school - check out what your rough chances are at:

I would personally apply to all the top schools in the cities you want to live/work in that you have some glimmer of hope that they would accept you. In other words, if you want to live in New York City, at least apply to: Fordham; Cardozo; and Brooklyn... if you want to live in Chicago, at least apply to: Illinois Inst. of Tech. and Loyola Uni. Chicago... you get the picture.

Selecting Schools that Admit You

This is a separate beast, one that will involve weighing several factors that are of legitimate importance to you. I would at least consider the relative total debt (post interest) and job statistics of each school. School A may end up costing you about $50k more than School B, but if School A also places 50% more of their grads in the kind of job you want... then it may be worth it (that is a personal choice call - no one can decide how debt adverse you should be but you). But this is clearly a ways away. For now, just focus on figuring out what schools are on your radar and getting your application/essays as strong as you can get them.

Good Luck!


Re: Need help applying
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As long as you don't aim for Ivy, you should be fine.

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I'm applying like a scatter shot so I really need some help: let me know if this is a solid list. I really don't know what I have a shot at w/ a at least a little scholarship/aid.

University of Washington
Seattle U
U of Iowa
George Mason
Denver Sturm
Penn State Dickinson
Florida State

I agree, you're applying like scatter shot. Generally, I think this is a bad idea. My guess is that you're applying based on rankings (unless you really want to live in Iowa for some reason).

That's fine if you're applying to nationally elite schools, but you should consider that among this list of schools you're talking about degrees that aren't necessarily going to open doors based on pedigree alone. They all have good reputations within their regions, but if you wanted to live in Miami after law school, for example, I'm not sure why you would go to law school in the Midwest or pacific northwest.

I would really spend some time thinking about what you want to do after law school, and let that guide the process.

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Call and ask the schools directly.