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Could a law school see all other parts of LSAC application w/o reportable LSAT?

I have been rescheduling my LSAT for about a year now mainly b/c I've had to move and change jobs (re: "promotional opportunity").  Additionally, I have been pondering if law school is worth it as I am surrounded by JDs at my current job who are in heaps of debt but not practicing.  That's a completely different thread though.
Basically, my Q is will the LSAC release a CAS or other reports without a reportable LSAT score?  There is a local law school with an admissions deadline of 6/30/15.  I am currently signed up to take the June LSAT but the score release date is not until 7/7/15.  When I contacted the law school admissions office and asked if an LSAT score from the June 2015 test could be considered for Sept '15 admission re: someone who has not previously taken the test, I was told that as long as all other parts of the application are complete by 6/30/15, yes.  However, from what I am reading on the LSAC website, they do not release reports without a reportable LSAT score.  This school solely uses the LSAC re: application and supplementary materials so I am not understanding how all other parts of the application could be reviewed if nothing is released without a reportable LSAT.
Can anyone here shed some light on this?

Sounds like you should contact LSAC and ask them directly.

Every school that I applied to required one application for the school, and then you also had to send in the LSAC report. Is that maybe what this school is requiring, that you submit the school's own application by June, but the LSAC report can follow?

That said, all the applications I submitted still required an LSAT score which was merely confirmed by the LSAC report later. Again, I'd call LSAC and maybe ask the law school for a deadline waiver if necessary.