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Do I Have a Chance?


Re: Do I Have a Chance?
« Reply #10 on: December 03, 2014, 12:27:35 PM »
I think you guys worded your opinions very nicely and I can see how someone would make those arguments..........BUT....... ....

OP can you tell us what schools you WANT to get into? (so we can get past the "what does she think 'good' is" argument)
It is subjective to her afterall. Let's get HER to tell us what SHE is thinking.

Heck, I'll agree that I've seen people say that certain non ABA schools are "good" even. (but somehow I doubt that is OP since LSAT and GPA are almost not even factors for them)

IF ABA alone is the standard I'd say just get a 2.0 and a community college degree with an LSAT you sat raw and hung over. But I doubt that's what OP is thinking either.