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LSAT prep and family

LSAT prep and family
« on: August 02, 2014, 08:46:05 AM »
I am planning on taking the LSAT on September 27 but I am having a big problem with preparing for the test. Let me give some background first, I am not in school. I graduated from undergrad in 2010. I am currently unemployed  and I live with my family (mom, dad, brother, niece, puppy, cat). My niece is 5 and needs a lot of attention. Mom works at home for the family business. So most days it's just me, mom, and my niece. Mom seems to think since I am unemployed I have no responsibilities and nothing to take care of on my own. My niece doesn't understand privacy and silence. So between my mom not realizing the importance of the LSAT and having to be with my niece a lot it's been difficult to prepare for the LSAT.  I've tried explaining to my family how important the LSAT is with little success. I've tried compromising by saying I need to study a few hours a day everyday. That attempt was better than trying to explain but it still didn't go very well. I get made to feel guilty if I study all day and by time I get those few hours to study I am exhausted. I wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions on how to deal with this or knew of any articles/literature I can give my family. Thanks.   


Re: LSAT prep and family
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I'd go for an online one that you can self pace. Most still have an "ask an expert" feature on them. Not as nice as on campus, but cheaper and more wiggle room for family stuff. (I'd done studies that I thought would be at 3pm and turned out to be at 1AM, life happens)

Re: LSAT prep and family
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That is a tough situation. If your family is generally supportive of your desire to attend law school, perhaps you should explain it to them as an investment. The time you take studying well for the LSAT can make a huge difference in your score. The LSAT is very learnable, although not absolutely.

Treating the LSAT, law school, and your time as an investment: Each point on the LSAT opens up additional admissions opportunities and scholarship money worth potentially tens of thousands of dollars and give you additional freedom in career choice.

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Re: LSAT prep and family
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september test be hardest ever.