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Hello, Can a two year LLB holder sits for the California Bar Exam?


--- Quote from: samthehumble on June 22, 2014, 10:30:13 AM ---Hello, Can a two year LLB holder sits for the California Bar Exam?

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You will want to check with CA but I think you need an LLM to do that in your situation and/or ask for special permission

Maintain FL 350:
It depends, and you'll have to check with the California state bar to  find out.

California does allow LL.B holders from the UK to sit for the California bar, but there are some additional requirements. I think you have to be admitted in the UK and have a certain number of years of experience, for example.

An LL.B holder from another country, however, like India or Pakistan might not qualify without first obtaining a U.S. LL.M. I'm not sure what you mean by "two year LL.B". If you mean that the degree was only a two year program, I doubt if California would accept it without and LL.M. Again, check with the California bar, as they can give you the best information.

I will be graduating in a few weeks with my LLB and I started 3 yrs ago.  I paid slightly under 5k for the entire program and was able to keep my six figure career.  To sit for the bar exam in California, you will need a LLB and LLM to sit unless you are an licensed attorney it can be from a civil or common law country.  Whether a 2 yr  LLB degree will work check with the bar examiners.   In the last 2 yrs more and more LLM in US / American Legal Studies programs are popping up that gear you to take Cali bar. Three years ago there was only one online LLM program in US studies available. USC has an online LLM program in American Legal Studies starting this fall and they have spring enrollments and the program can be completed in 12 mos.  I also have a good friend they just passed the Cali bar on their 2nd try, they just received notice a few weeks ago and they have an online LLM from FCSL and they have a civil law LLB and they were not a lawyer prior to enrolling in the LLM program.  I will reveal some additional info before the year is out that I will share.

I believe CUSC is right on point.

At my California law school there were a number of LLB's and they were all in the process of completing an LLM to take the bar.

The best place to get an answer however, is directly from the source so I encourage you to contact the California State Bar.

Here is the link to the California Bar future lawyer website, which can probably answer any question you might have. If worse comes to worse call them and ask .

Although I believe cusc's post is right on you don't want to spend a bunch of time and money then not be able to take the bar for some unknown reason and say well X anonymous internet poster said it would all work out.

Good luck in your pursuit of a American law license.


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