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Alito calls USNWR rankings an "abomination"

Re: Alito calls USNWR rankings an "abomination"
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No ranking system anywhere is "accurate", which is the whole issue.

It is the opinion of a magazine with no basis in actual facts.

If the rankings were based on something 100% tangible such as the average LSAT score of incoming students as this is the same test nationwide. Or a regional ranking by state bar passage i.e. what California school has the highest bar passage in California you could have a tangible ranking. Otherwise it is all speculation.

They are just opinions who is the greatest quarterback of all time.
(1) Joe Montana
(2) Brett Favre
(3) John Elway
(4) Dan Marino
(5) Johhny Unitas
(6) Jim Kelly
(7) Peyton Manning
(8) Tom Brady
(9) Joe Namath
(10) Frank Tarkenton

The list can go on forever and there is no right answer people would say Dan Marino is the great twenty others would say Tom Brady it is all fun to argue about, but it is essentially meaningless. Same with the rankings U.S. News has their formula, which is fine the formula makes little to no logical sense, but it is their formula and they are entitled to offer their opinion.

If people want to make life altering decisions based on a magazine's opinion let them, but it is not wise to do so.

Our culture loves to rank things, but they are all b.s. here is times list of the top 100 most influential people  If people are not on this list does it mean they are not influential? Again, it is just a magazine writing an opinion, which is fine let them do it, but hopefully nobody actually makes any life altering decisions based on this magazine opinion.

People just need to use common sense it seems to be more and more of a lost art.