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After completing my course how can i search for my 1st internship.

Not sure I understand the question. Do you mean after you complete the whole JD?
Most start their internship summer between 1L and 2L

Burning Sands, Esq.:
I think maybe they meant to say after they finish the fall semester(?)

Assuming that you're starting law school this fall, the time to start looking for internships is actually regulated by the ABA (assuming you're at an ABA accredited law school); you can start sending out resumes after December 1st for summer internships.

Your career services department at your school can help you search for jobs. In addition, you can contact legal employers directly and ask if they're taking on summer interns for the following summer and, if so, what criteria should be included in your application.  Typically this will consist of: (i) cover letter; (ii) resume;  and (iii) 1st semester transcript.

If you complete your course then next step is to search for new job. Attend interviews conducted by reputed companies, that you interested in and try to perform as much as you can.

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