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Also consider transferring. I am not sure how many credits would transfer (if any) but some of the bottom ABA schools would still let you restart if nothing else.  (cooley comes to mind)

This was a full time program. I started in the Spring under a special "Spring Start" program. I was thrown into second semester classes with other 1L's who started in the fall. I (and the other spring starters) was expected to perform at a second semester 1L level. I received very little preparation for final exams and knowing how to take the test is 70% of the grade. Maybe 2 of my teachers had old exams on file but all were more than seven years old. The week before finals was when I was introduced to IRAC and CIRIP and don't get me started on outlining. I was graded against all of the other experienced IL's on a curve. If I had started in the fall I would have had another semester to fix my grade. In my opinion I wasn't set up to succeed. As far as my personal struggles go I was homeless with three kids in a new city the week of finals. I have a stable place to stay now and I am much wiser about exams. I am enrolled in summer classes and doing great. I don't believe they will let me sit for my exams though. I already uprooted my family to a different state and I really want to finish. I have a lot more resources to succeed now and I don't doubt that I can do better. I just need to know what to say to an admission council to convince them as well without sounding like I am making excuses.

Maintain FL 350:
I think the most important thing is to demonstrate changed circumstances. If they (the council) think that you're still experiencing the same problems, they may not want to let you continue. But if you can convince them that those problems are in the past, and you now know what it takes to succeed in law school, may have a shot.

You should be as specific as possible, don't speak in generalities. Say exactly what has changed which makes you confident that you can succeed. Give specific examples, and be positive. I wouldn't spend any time at all blaming a lack of IRAC instruction, or the curve, or spring admissions.

Also, be 100% honest even when it hurts.

Remember, the council wants to be reassured that you're a good bet. Focus on the positive aspects, and show that you have a plan for success.

BTW, I went to law school with kids (and a job) too. It's an unbelievable grind, but it's worth it. I did well the first semester and had good grades. Even so, I considered dropping out because it was so much stress on my family. Now have a job that I love, and am thankful everyday that I stuck it out. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Good Luck!

What school in gods creation doesn't mention IRAC until week before finals? What school was this?
And there is NO WAY you started Torts2/Contracts2,etc in your first term. What actual classes did you take that were "second term level" and how many credits?

I believe you are an honest person, I am just trying to wrap my mind around the school.

Also, didn't you do any research on your own? I don't mean to sound like a jerk but I knew about stuff like IRAC and socratic BEFORE I took the lsat. I assumed anyone with even dialup internet access at the public library took the five minutes it takes to look that stuff up.


--- Quote from: Citylaw on June 02, 2014, 07:59:00 PM ---Do they not allow you to take the second semester?

It seems like you should have a full year.

If you are in California I know one girl who was dismissed, but she was reinstated after passing the California Baby Bar.

I would not make excuses in your Petition, but come up with ideas to prove that you are capable i.e. you are willing to take the baby bar exam, enroll in additional tutoring etc. Excuses do not go very far in the legal profession, but creative solutions do. Prove to them you are capable, smart and dedicated.

Good luck.

--- End quote ---
I am confused by this. How did she take the exam if she wasn't a student? Don't you have to be a student in good standing to take it?


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