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I think the most important thing is to demonstrate changed circumstances. If they (the council) think that you're still experiencing the same problems, they may not want to let you continue. But if you can convince them that those problems are in the past, and you now know what it takes to succeed in law school, may have a shot.

You should be as specific as possible, don't speak in generalities. Say exactly what has changed which makes you confident that you can succeed. Give specific examples, and be positive. I wouldn't spend any time at all blaming a lack of IRAC instruction, or the curve, or spring admissions.

Also, be 100% honest even when it hurts.

Remember, the council wants to be reassured that you're a good bet. Focus on the positive aspects, and show that you have a plan for success.

BTW, I went to law school with kids (and a job) too. It's an unbelievable grind, but it's worth it. I did well the first semester and had good grades. Even so, I considered dropping out because it was so much stress on my family. Now have a job that I love, and am thankful everyday that I stuck it out. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Good Luck!

That was very helpful and the response that I was looking for. Thank you.


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What school in gods creation doesn't mention IRAC until week before finals? What school was this?
And there is NO WAY you started Torts2/Contracts2,etc in your first term. What actual classes did you take that were "second term level" and how many credits?

I believe you are an honest person, I am just trying to wrap my mind around the school.

Also, didn't you do any research on your own? I don't mean to sound like a jerk but I knew about stuff like IRAC and socratic BEFORE I took the lsat. I assumed anyone with even dialup internet access at the public library took the five minutes it takes to look that stuff up.

The school probably didn't mention IRAC because they assumed everyone knew it. That was something that was taught in the Fall semester. You are right. I haven't taken any tort class or contracts class. I took Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Civil Procedure, and a writing class. What I meant to say was that these classes were taught as if I was more advanced than I actually was. There was a lot of reference back to things taught in a tort class or contracts class that I was unaware of because I never took those classes. In total I took 15 credits.

I did a lot of research before entering into law school about what to expect and study tips. Most law school blogs don't talk about IRAC unless you are specifically searching on how to take an exam which I didn't. A lot of people advised not to do too much research in order not to psych myself out before getting there. I was told in the end it would still be a shock and there would still be a learning adjustment no matter how much you try to prepare. I went into school thinking that I would be taught the very crucial things for success and that I would be going through this experience with students who were beginning at the same place. I didn't expect to be thrown into the mix of things to sink or float.

When I write my petition I don't plan on blaming the school. I am only going to write about my short comings and where I went wrong. I just wanted to give you guys some background about what happened.


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I wanted to give an update. I took "Maintain FL"'s advice when writing my appeal letter. At the time of the dismissal I was enrolled in a summer class and  I was allowed to finish the course. I did very well in my summer class which brought my GPA up where it needed to be and I was readmitted.

Re: Academic Dismissal
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Good work!