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william mitchell hybrid


did they fill all there spots for the hybrid program for jan' 15

Did you email them directly to ask?

I had applied in April, and was told that the initial plan was to have the first wave of acceptances to be issued in June. Then in early May, I received an update stating that they would make their first set of decisions earlier than originally planned (in about two weeks from that message).

On the 16th of May I received my acceptance, and scholarship. If I recall correctly, there is an article that stated that the ABA has approved them to have a hybrid class of up to 96 students, although I do not know how large they are actually aiming for the class to be.

From the sounds of it, in quick conversations with people at the admissions office, it seems that first round of decisions is not going to be the last, and that they are actively accepting applications.

William Mitchell is still accepting applications for ongoing semesters. The deadline for Fall 2015 was somewhere in Feb. Although they may still accept applications up until June according to admission office, but don't hold me to that, contact them yourself.


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