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rutgers newark law school or seton hall law?


which law school should I attend rutgers newark law school or seton hall? no money given by either school

If you get in-state tuition for Rutgers, it's maybe not a horrible choice.  Seton Hall is upwards of $50k/yr in tuition, which is crazy, and the cost of living at both these places is going to be high.  Assuming you're going to be financing law school with loans, it's pretty hard to recommend taking on $200k+ of debt to go to either of these schools.

There is no right answer, but Rutgers is 25k per year while Seton Hall is 46K per year, which means over three years you will pay 63k more to attend Seton Hall than Rutgers assuming you have in-state residency.

You should also visit both schools and walk around the campus, talk to professors, students, admins, etc and see what school feels right for you.

Also remember that at either school you will learn the same exact thing. At any ABA school you will learn the basics of the law and Rutgers, Seton Hall, or any ABA law school will provide you with a quality legal education.

If I was you, which I am not I would favor Rutgers since I do typically don't think paying $63,000 more for more or less the same thing is a good idea, but to each their own.

Good luck on your pursuit of a legal education.


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