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Chances of getting into suffolk university law school GPA: 2.02 Lsat:165

What are my chances of getting into Suffolk university law school GPA: 2.02 LSAT:165. Thanks for any help or recommendations

You're a splitter, which makes such predictions more difficult.

Take a look at the Official Guide to U.S. Law Schools. For each school it will show how many people applied with numbers like yours, and how many were accepted. You'll get a good idea as to your chances, considering that most admission decisions are based on the applicant's numbers.

According to Suffolk's profile, an applicant with your approximate numbers falls into the "Unlikely" category. That doesn't mean impossible, though.

I'd say go ahead and apply to Suffolk, but make sure you apply to few other schools as well.

You can get into a number of schools, but Harvard, Yale, etc will not be on the list.

Visit for Suffolk here is the link for the past few years there. Someone was put on the waitlist with a 2.33 and 161 LSAT this year.

You can also use the site Maintain FL lists the LSAC Official Guide to Law School.

You might also want to consider other Boston area schools like New England; Western New England; and maybe even University of New Hampshire.

a 165 is a solid LSAT score and I think you can be accepted into a number of schools.

Good luck.

Just to expand a bit on Citylaw's comments:

165 is a very good LSAT score, and you can definitely get accepted to a number of schools based on that score. If you need to stay in the Boston area, I would look into UMASS-Dartmouth and Roger Williams in addition to the schools Citylaw listed.

As a splitter you've got to be flexible, because admissions are a less predictable.

Lastly, before you drop over a $100,000 on law school you need to commit yourself to rebuilding your study habits. In undergrad you can put in minimal/non-existent effort and still get a passing GPA. That is NOT the case in law school.

Law school requires self discipline and motivation, and you cannot procrastinate. I don't know what factors led to your 2.02 GPA, but you need to get that issue under control before attempting law school. Your LSAT score indicates intelligence, but in law school that won't be enough. You'll need a very strong work ethic too, or else you will soon be far behind the curve trying to play catch up. In my experience, people in that position often failed out.

Something to consider.