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Legal Chic- Legal Professional Development with a MODERN Twist

Hours spent with your head in the books deciphering legal jargon and conducting legal research??? Oh yes, the days of legal studies; something all too familiar. Now what? All of your hard work was driven by the expectation of finding a fruitful position in the legal world. That, however, can be a daunting task. 

What legal candidates are not taught is how to market themselves in this modern legal world.  Whether a student graduates at the top of their class or the bottom twenty percent, a legal candidate is not going to successfully land a dream legal position without capturing the attention of a future employer and showcasing their assets. While your school transcripts are considered for most positions, prospective employers consider multiple other things (resume, cover letter, digital footprint and interview) in evaluating a candidate. In most cases, YOUR SCHOOL RECORD IS ONLY ONE PIECE TO THE PUZZLE! Therefore, your overall professional package must be impressive.

Legal-Chic, there to optimize legal candidates' career development, with a modern twist.
Legal Chic will change the way you think about your legal career search. We want to give you a contemporary twist, a new & elegant perspective, a brash modern outlook on your career path and how you get there. Legal Chic has set out to redefine the legal career services field.
We have been there, walked your path, and understand what matters most. YOU matter. You are more than just your grades - your whole package, who you are, is what sells. We want to help you put your best foot forward and highlight why employees need you. Every person is unique and our approach is also unique. We mold what we do to you and who you are.

We know what works. With over 15 years of experience in the legal community, we have seen the "Do's & Don't's" and can help you put your best foot forward. We have been on both ends of the interview process that allows us to offer a unique perspective. Let us help you show employers you mean business and are an asset they need.

 We can offer a fresh approach, tailored to who you are, not a cookie-cutter one size fits all template.
We would be honored to help you through this journey and will be with you every step of the way.