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Where should I go in FL?

Re: Where should I go in FL?
« Reply #10 on: April 06, 2014, 06:51:58 AM »
Also, my visit to UF is this Friday, like you said, after visiting both schools, I should be able to narrow things down a little more.

Re: Where should I go in FL?
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As usual, I'm only an anonymous internet poster. You should assume that I and other posters on this forum are by no means qualified to comment. You should simply take our perspectives as just that, a perspective. Factor this in to your end decision with your own judgement...


Thats great about UF! And Im glad you enjoy Stetson. In the end, as noted by lawschooltransparncy, the end careers are basically the same. UF does seem to have a little bit of an edge. I personally would go with the cheaper option. Given that the cheaper option is UF AND that has a stronger employment prospect, I would go with UF. However, if you really don't like UF's enviroment and love Stetson's, then maybe the higher cost is worth your psychological, emotional comfort. Your call... :)

Finally, unless you are at the top top of your class, class rank isn't really THAT big of a factor. In other worse, basically everyone between the 25-75th percentile class rank at these schools are basically in the same boat. Someone who is in the 60th percentile at Stetson is prob having a similar career prospect (if not worse) as someone at the 40th percentile at UF. The top 25% might have an edge while the bottom 25% might have a bit of a harder time. The lower the school is in general ranking, the more extreme these class ranks need to be in order to have an effect.

Regardless, unless you seriously predict you will be the valedictorian at Stetson, I don't see this speculative class rank as a significant factor. Of course, if the employment prospects and cost were exactly the same (like FSU v. UF) and you have a stronger shot at getting a higher class rank at one over the other, then ok. But UF and Stetson are not exactly peer schools.

Good luck!

Re: Where should I go in FL?
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Stetson came back to me with their offer.  They upped it a little bit, but it pretty much makes the COA for both schools equal.  I'm going to Gainesville tonight to participate in the ASD tomorrow, but I've pretty much decided to attend UF.  I think that's the best decision I can make at this point in time.

Thank you everyone for your input, it's been very helpful, and much appreciated!

Re: Where should I go in FL?
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Awesome congrats on your decision hopefully the ASD at Florida gives you a good feeling and you can be on with your legal education. It is a very liberating moment when you make the final decision, but it is a very hard choice to make. I am sure everything will work out and I wish you the best of luck as your pursue a legal education.

Feel free to post on this board with questions as you begin law school there are a few very helpful posters on this site.

Re: Where should I go in FL?
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Congrats! And please do let us know your progress.

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Committed to UF!  Pretty excited - the forum has been extremely helpful and I appreciate the insight provided.  I will certainly be utilizing this forum as a tool through and likely after law school!

Re: Where should I go in FL?
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Great news!