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UDC Law open house on March 22, 2014

UDC Law open house on March 22, 2014
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I currently attend UDC Law and am really enjoying my experience so far. The location can't be beat - DC is a great place to live, with access to many types of work and volunteer experience throughout the year. Another major selling point of UDC in my opinion is the price. For out-of-state residents it's around $21,000 and for DC residents (which you are eligible for after living in the District for 1 year) is around $11,000. And that's before the scholarships they give you too! I received a $15,000 scholarship for my first year, which with a GPA over 3.0 you are eligible for continued merit scholarship, which gives you $7,500 for the second year. Furthermore, if you do well during your first semester, they will put you on the Dean's Fellow list which entitles you to another substantial scholarship and other benefits. This is so much cheaper than other schools and it's really worth it for that point alone. Unless you're going to Harvard or somewhere else with a stellar reputation, going into substantial debt is not worth it for law school, especially given the job market woes we keep hearing about.

Aside from the price, the school is a really nice atmosphere as well. The faculty and students are very friendly and helpful. Many of the professors and directors are very involved in public interest law, pioneering initiatives in their fields and have gone to excellent schools themselves.

The school's curriculum includes community service requirements, as well as at least 2 clinical positions. This gets you a foot in the door at many locations, and automatically gives you experience to make your resume attractive to future employers. Furthermore, the school hosts many different opportunities to meet lawyers and professionals in DC, giving workshops on cover letter construction, interview and oral argument training. Like I said, I'm still in my first year, so I'm sure there are other great things to come in the future that I don't know about yet.

I really don't know why UDC Law isn't more popular, honestly. I feel like I am getting a great education and wouldn't change much about the school! Please consider UDC and you won't regret it!

UDC is having an open house on March 22, 2014:

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014
10 am to 2:30 pm

5th Floor
4340 Connecticut Ave., NW
Washington, District of Columbia 20008
United States

Phone: (202) 274-7341