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Protocol if you change your mind about an Intent to Enroll?


Is there an accepted procedure if you change your mind about having accepted a law school's scholarship offer?  For instance, if law school X offers a scholarship with a reply deadline that comes before you can visit law school Y (a school that also is high on your list), is it OK to send law school X the Intent to Enroll form and then later withdraw if you change your mind because you prefer law school Y once you've seen it? This is a sticky situation, because otherwise you either have to stick with law school X without having seen Y or give up the scholarship from law school X because the deadline is too early to make a fully informed decision (after April 1 but before other law school visits).  Does it look bad to do this? Do other law schools require that you withdraw if you've accepted at one?  I know you can ask for a decision extension but this letter made it clear they weren't interested in extending their deadline. Thanks for any guidance1

1) If you enroll at any school, you must withdraw your application from all schools that have given you a firm decision (ie. rejected/accepted). You do not need to withdraw your application if you haven't heard back yet from a school, have been waitlisted, or have been held.

2) So, if both X and Y have accepted you, and you enroll into X, you must withdraw from Y.

3) The only ethical way around this, I guess, is to approach X and be 100% honest and humble with them. I may also contact Y to see if they can be of any help in this matter. They may even offer you $ - you never know...

Good luck

Lots of people have "safety" schools that they apply to and then chose not to attend if their other school options let them in. I wouldn't feel about it.
Some people also get "cold feet" and need to defer for awhile to think it over.
Better to think it over awhile than realize you made the wrong choice once you are a full semester or more into the game.

You can just pay the deposit at both schools and hold your spot.

Granted you will use between 300-$1,000 dollars, but keeping your option open is certainly worth that.

When I was a 0L I put deposits down at three schools and obviously two of those three I did not end up attending. Every school has a number of people on their waitlist and they are more than happy to take a few hundred dollars from you for nothing.

With that said pay the deposits at both schools so you have time to visit them and make the right choice.

Good luck to you.


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