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I Need Foreclosure Assistance ASAP (Get some court experience now!)

I Need Foreclosure Assistance ASAP  (Get some court experience now!)

Hi, seeking assistance responding to a summary judgement.
Have already paid the appearance fee.
Case been going on a long time. (Years)
Can be still in school but must know what your doing.
Must be willing to do this probono with some pizza and gas money furnished.

I am like 8/0 as representing myself in court.
So I have some ideas on how to proceed.

The main thing I need to do at this present time is to buy time.

The judge appears to be pretty thourgh.
He pretty much told me that if I respond on my own I will not provale.
So you dont have to tell me twice.

This would be good for a lawyer who is starting out and wants to build up some references.

No one will be held liable for anything..............

As I will provide an excellent reference.

Re: I Need Foreclosure Assistance ASAP (Get some court experience now!)
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A law student cannot represent you in Court. To represent someone other than yourself in Court you need to be a licensed lawyer.

You should probably use your County or State Bar Association to find legal representation. There are also sites like out there that can match you with an attorney.