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I came across this app (Contracts is a Beach) on Google Play and wondered if anyone had tried it. Seems cool and cheaper than flash cards... anyone tried it?

I never heard of it, but all practice questions are helpful. When I was in law school something I used quite often were Cali Lessons I believe ABA law schools provide free access to these lessons and might be something to consider.

Good luck on the rest of your law school journey.

Thanks for this information... I will check it out. Like you said, all practice questions are helpful. Thanks!

Happy to help another free sit out there is it has outlines and some MC questions. I used it a lot in law school.

You can also reach out to BarBri, Kaplan, and any other bar service provider often they will give you some practice MBE questions so you get comfortable with their program and then you will go to them upon graduation. You are going to end up using one of those services in the end anyway so you should try and something free from them while in law school

Again, good luck in your legal career.

You can also check us out at over 1,000 practice exam questions that instantly tell you if you are right/wrong and why. We so far offer contracts, torts, con law, crim law, evidence, property, and civil procedure.


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