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Given that a number of DL students won't pass the California Bar - there are actually a number of ways to use your JD and practice law without out a license.

1.  Social Security Advocate - they do the same job as an attorney and collect a similar fee; only difference is that SSA does not withhold their fee like it does for attorneys sometimes.

2.  Veterans Disability Advocate

3.  Tax Court (if you can qualify)

In England McKenzie Friends can collect fees:

Anyone know of any other examples?

YOu can also represent yourself and defend yourself against bill collectors etc much more effectively with some legal training.

While in law school I was able to get out of tickets, b.s medical bills etc, probably saved 10k.

This is a nonsense argument.

If you can do this without a license, you can do it without an unaccredited degree too

Representing yourself does not count.  McKenzie Friend is creating a problem in England:

There are also professional lay advocates in out of the way English jurisdictions where solicitors are scarce.

Given that many people cannot afford a lawyer in the US - even a lay advocate with some knowledge might be better than going pro per.

Add Immigration to the list though that can be state regulated as in California and the requirements for non lawyers can be tricky and may require both training and sponsorship.


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