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Law School to Offer Hybrid Online JD

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Check it may be a small step into the right direction

This program starts in 2015 and it should be no surprise that the former president of Concord Law is behind this.

In 20 years people will look back in disbelief at the short-sighted policies of the ABA and traditional law schools.  The JD will be offered in an entirely online environment, and cost will plummet.  That is my prediction for the future - now I must go to my flying car and speed off to my job in the cloud city.....

LOL!  $108,000 4 year estimated tuition for that....

I seriously don't even get the ABA's hangup over this. A law student can just as easily sit in a dorm room, apartment, or Starbucks, for that matter, and check Facebook while pretending to pay attention to a law school lecture via webcam, responding via microphone if called on, and have the same pathetic experience as law school students are having now, likely in a more comfortable chair. The only real difference is networking, and that usually takes place outside class anyway.


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