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Unlv or Hawaii?

Unlv or Hawaii?
« on: December 08, 2013, 12:48:49 PM »
I have been accepted to Hawaii and UNLV law school, but I am not sure which school I want to attend.

My plan is to practice law in Hawaii, but it would be ideal to study law in UNLV, which is located in my home state. However, I know UNLV Boyd is a regional school and its employment prospects are higher in Nevada than any other state.

I'm aware of the high cost of living in Hawaii, and I am not concerned about living in luxury or working with a high wage. My goal is to live a simple life. What is of main concern to me is finding employment after I leave law school and I made practicing law in Hawaii as one of my goals. I have family who are close to me that are planning to live in Hawaii within the next decade, and I want to live near them. Apparently, UNLV has better employment prospects, yet unfortunately there is a chance I will be geographically limited to where I can find legal work.

So, this is a tough decision. Would studying at UNLV, building my career as a lawyer in Nevada or in the Pacific states, and then practicing in Hawaii be a wiser decision than studying in Hawaii while hoping I'll land a job somewhere in Hawaii?

Please advise me on this. I really appreciate your help.