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New Law School Rankings


lrt8000:  Stanford comes out on top on this one.

The metrics used by this organization are better than U.S. News, but again I don't know if anyone needed to design a formula to let people know Stanford was a good school.

Also for any potential 0L remember these rankigns etc don't guarantee you anything even if you attend Stanford you still have to pass the California Bar etc and if you attend Cooley you can still get a job, but obviously the Stanford grad will have an advantage.

Again, people will always want to rank, but remember these are just opinions and any ABA school can provide you a solid legal education and get you a license to practice law. However, Stanford or any Ivy League school will open more doors than Cooley and I imagine that is not breaking news to anyone.

My boss is from Stanford, one of the best lawyers in our firm

Good to hear and again I don't think anyone was under the impression Stanford was a bad school. I could have never looked at U.S. News or this new ranking system and had a pretty good idea that Stanford was a good school without all the fancy formulas, but to each their own.

Legend I am pretty sure most people thought Stanford was a joke l until this new ranking methodology came out. It has really opened my eyes and had this been out when I was applying I would have chosen to attend Stanford, but how could I have known possibly known how well regarded it was prior to this new system?


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