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Golden Gate successfully held the second annual In Vino Veritas Mock Trial Competition. Numerous Judges, Attorneys, and Political Figures attended and professor Wes Porter has been doing an excellent job with Golden Gate's litigation program.

More information on the competition can be obtained here.

I think Golden Gate is on the right track and doing a great job with their students.

Maintain FL 350:
That's good to hear. GGU ran onto some problems a few years ago (as law schools sometimes do) with the ABA. I think it had to do with their bar pass rate. Their bar pass rates now, however, look good so they seem to have corrected the issue.

As far as the mock trial competitions, it should be noted that students from lower ranked schools often beat the pants off elite schools. I think this has to do with the fact that students at elite schools tend to be eggheaded and nerdy whereas the lower tiered students might have the common touch, so to speak. I remember reading a couple of years ago that La Verne mopped up the floor with Berkeley and a few other T1 schools at some national competition, and I've also seen articles about places like Texas Tech having great  trial teams.

This is another aspect that USNWR does not take into account when they compile their rankings. Something to think about.   

GGU had some tough times in in the mid 2000's, but they got a new dean in 2009-2012 and another new dean this year and hired a number of new professors. GGU is far from Harvard, but it has always been a solid litigation school.

Mock Trial and real litigation is a classic example of why law school ranking doesn't matter, particularly if you want to be a litigator. I believe you are thinking of South Texas College of Law not Texas A & M dominating higher ranked schools.

South Texas College of Law is essentially the best trial advocacy school in the Country and wins the majority of competitions they enter. In Mock Trial Competitions you never know who is from what school, because just like in Real Court you never say I went to X law school, because no jury should ever hear what law school you went to.

I encourage any 0L to watch a live trial at their local courthouse and you can see good and bad attorneys, and you will have no idea what school they went to and frankly it doesn't matter.  The rules for hearsay, relevance, expert opinion etc don't change based on what school you attended.

"I think Golden Gate is on the right track and doing a great job with their students."

Really? GGU has a 21% employment score on Law School Transparency. This means that 79% of its 2012 graduates did not obtain fulltime jobs for which bar passage was required. I don't think that's doing a great job. That's much worse than Hofstra about which Professor Paul Campos recently declared, "Hofstra’s law school is a classic example of an institution whose very reason for being has become at the least highly questionable."     

Maintain FL 350:
You're assuming it's the responsibility of the law school to find jobs for it's graduates. Once a student leaves the school, isn't the responsibility of finding a job the student's? Law schools have very little (if any) control over what people do once they leave.


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