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Paul Campos on Hofstra Law

Re: Paul Campos on Hofstra Law
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"U.S. News is a magazine headquartered in the East Coast and  therefore schools on the East always rank higher." I would really like to know the basis for this statement.

Re: Paul Campos on Hofstra Law
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I think there is an east coast bias the world always is usually an overstatement, but  I get what legend is saying. U.S. News is located in Washington D.C. this means they are on the East Coast and therefore the peer assessement/lawyer's judges they use to evaluate are likely on the East Coast.

U.S. News does not conduct site visits of any schools and it is all based on paper and numbers. Obviously schools with closer proximity to D.C. will have more alumni connections etc to those publishing the magazine.

Use Hofstra for example 2.59-3.59 GPA LSAT 153-159

Chapman Southern California ranked lower than Hofstra despite 3.2-3.6 GPA (higher on both ends) LSAT 154-160 (higher on both ends)

McGeorge 3.1-3.67 LSAT 152-160 again ranked lower than Hofstra. chart to prove it.

Remember 40% of the rankings is based off people filling out scantrons and people vote with what they are familiar with and U.S. News does not have the resources nor are they required to scour the Country for the most in depth information. They are a magazine offering an opinion and frankly they can do whatever they want, but it is up to the consumers prospective law students to use common sense when making a 3 year, $100,000 and career altering decision and realize these rankings are flawed and I agree there likely is an East Coast Bias just like there is in BCS Football Rankings, etc.

Here is a nice wikipedia article explaining west coast bias and I do not believe U.S. News is immune to them nor should they be they are a magazine nothing offering an opinion and evaluate schools based on any criteria they want.

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