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Hi all!

I am a student at Yale Law School and the co-founder of an admissions counseling

company, inGenius Prep (, which helps students build their

candidacy and perfect their applications for competitive law schools.

Our students have the opportunity to work one-on-one with expert admissions

counselors. Our team includes former admissions officers from the top law schools in

the country, including: Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, and more.

If you're thinking of applying to law school, and would like to learn more about us,

you can check out our website (, or shoot me an email at

Mr. Genius,

Since you are so gifted and went to Yale, why are you selling people false hope?  Perhaps becoming a lawyer was too beneath you?  Just curious


I'm not selling false hope, I just want to help students regarding their admission and preparation for law school.

How is he selling false hope? Don't be negative for no reason.

Joel good for you wanting to help law students with their applications. 

I just want to help students. That's my main purpose.


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