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Curious to know how folks are progressing with their distance learning studies.  I came on this site 2 yrs ago, read all the pros and cons but in the end made my own decision.  I'm in my 3rd and final year of law school in the UK.  I don't regret it, I received an excellent education thus far for less than 5K.

Maintain FL 350:
Wow, under 5k for a JD is amazing. Distance learning can be the right choice for the right student. I think the key is understand what you're getting into before you start and to be fully informed as to any potential obstacles. The people I know who went the DL route with their eyes wide open did fine. The ones who were either uninformed or simply refused to acknowledge the realities were usually disappointed. It just depends on the individual.

cusc2011 - This may be a dumb question, but you state that you are attending a UK school.  Are you located in the US?

Which UK law school is under 5K? 

Northumbria Law School cost me 1200 GBP Year 1, 920 GBP Year 2, and 950 GBP Year 3.   Year 1 is your biggest expense, from there  your tuition drops for the remaining years, you only paying a continuing student fee and assessment fee.  This fee went up slightly this year from 920 to 950 GBP.   The total program cost me 3,070 GBP so its close to 5k or slightly under 5K.   


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