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I just wanted to know any opinions and/or experiences with either Southern California or St. Francis Law Schools?

There hasn't been a post on this board in over a month.  I'm glad to see it is still working.

By the way, your poll doesn't have any descriptions for the radio buttons.  There are two buttons each with a question mark.  Are you asking yes or no?  Are you asking one school or the other?

This board gets remarkably little use, I think that people are hesitant to  post because they fear being attacked.  In the past, this hasn't really been a very friendly place to post comments which could be regarded as pro-distance education.  The radio buttons are a bit confusing......

I have looked at all of the on-line schools.  St. Francis is much cheaper than California School of Law, but I don't believe SF has a very good baby bar passing rate (in comparison to other online schools.)  If you were going to go to California School of Law and pay that price tag, you may want to consider Concord.  For me, it seems the best choice is Northwestern California School of Law.  The price tag is great and their statistics on the pass rate for the baby bar are not that bad.   

Again, I am not an expert.  Just my opinion.

Putting your money on an online LS with no track record of success is a huge gamble.  A lot of these schools come and go and graduate few if any attorneys.  Go with a school that has actually graduated lawyers.  if you don't get a law license all your money is wasted on an unaccredited degree or worse a first year.


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