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Kay Q:
I wish LSD would upgrade the boards to something similar to other popular sites (including TLS).  Make LSD easier to maneuver around.  It would be nice if LSD would offer a rundown of the schools.  I think one attraction of TLS is their school rundown, although many of their school profiles have not been updated in years. 

I wonít go on a rant why TLS has gone into the crapper, but the short of it is, their owner became successful in CA and has basically turned the place over to board admins who are unemployable and against anyone happy with their law school outcome.  Itís a mess.  Because of this, and other factors, TLS has basically cut itself off from advertisers.  So the opportunity for LSD to be the prime law discussion forum (and one that would attract advertisers) is available. 

I do not know what expense is involved to set up an attractive and easy to maneuver site, but if it doable, the need is here.  Rebranding this site with good admins would easily make LSD the top choice. 

Could not agree more Top Law Schools has a nice website, but awful information. Those that post on this board offer actual insight and a dose of reality. Hopefully, the site can be updated and those seeking law school advice can find more reasonable information on law school discussion.

Maintain FL 350:
I'm not even sure that TLS has a better format, I just think the general tone of the discussion more in line with what your average immature college kid can relate to. Misery loves company, and you'll never be alone on TLS. There's nothing more unintentionally hilarious than a clueless kid who's never left the suburbs but thinks he has the world all figured out. It's like seeking career advice from the Kardashians.

There is a niche to be filled, and LSD could do it.

Julie Fern:
lsd have golden era once.


--- Quote from: Julie Fern on September 03, 2013, 07:18:25 AM ---lsd have golden era once.

--- End quote ---

A couple of them.

Unfortunately, the one who can make the changes is out of reach, and has been for a very long time. In that respect, we're in the same boat as TLS.


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