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Hello, I'm not quite sure what schools to apply to. Let's just say my funds are quite limited and I just need to be realistic with what I've got..

About me:
-3.2 ( I have a few quarters left to try and bump this up....)
170 LSAT  (Planning to retake it one last time)
-Asian (Filipino) LGBT
-Worked at a US District Courthouse for a year
-Interned at a non-profit (campaign finance reform, redistricting)
-Captain of a cycling team
-Involvement with school government, LGBT resource center, and some RA work.
-I've had a PT job for almost all of college.

I'm hoping to get into a school in California but I'm aiming for UCI, UC Hastings, UC Davis, UW. Money is really a huge factor for me.  I'm very open to any suggestions on schools that I might have a fighting chance to get into. I am not opposed to moving out of state as well.


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There are a lot of options to consider when choosing your school and it does sound like you are considering two of the most important, which are Location and Cost.

It sounds like your plan is to attend law school in California and if Cailfornia is where you want to be then that is a good choice. However, California Law Schools are essentially the most expensive in America and you indicate cost is an issue.

Now with a 170 LSAT a number of California Schools will offer you a substantial scholarship just look on and you can see the amount of money students get. However, if you get a scholarship BE CAREFUL OF THE CONDITIONS. This NY Times Article explains how the system works

There are some very cheap ABA schools in America, but you will need to qualify as a state resident. A few of the schools I know are Florida International, CUNY, a lot of schools in the South offer in-state tuition, which is very reasonable.

I imagine schools like Pepperdine, Southwestern, Chapman, or LMU would offer you substantial scholarships based on your numbers if you want to be in Southern California.

If you wanted to be in the Bay Area Santa Clara, University of San Francisco, or Golden Gate would offer you substantial Scholarships.

McGeorge in Sacramento would also offer you a scholarship.

Then every school in San Diego, which would include USD, Thomas Jefferson, or California Western would provide you with substantial scholarship money.

Hastings might give you a little money so would Davis. Then Boalt, UCLA, or USC you may or may not get in.

I would recommend coming to California and visiting all the schools as they each have a different culture. I am a California attorney and have been to the campuses of essentially every law school above and can tell you each one has a different feel and what a good fit for you is something only you can determine.

However, I do think you have the option to get substantial scholarship money with your numbers, but be very careful regarding the Conditions within the scholarship.