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How are you guys attacking this? I started studying this week and am getting very anxious. I am not sure how many hours I will have to put into work and school this fall so I am trying to cover as much as I can now. Using the LSATBlog's calendar, I am doing Logic Games-->Analytical Reasoning-->RC. I am least worried about RC, since I took the GRE and studied for it then (I am assuming it's basically the same). Taking the LSAT pretty late in the game (I previously thought it was a fair time, but that sentiment does not seem shared on a lot of posts I see) adds to the pressure of the whole app process, including LSATs. Hoping the extra two months we get over October will boost our scores considerably.

Good Luck!

Best advice I can give you is to:

a) Outline any prep material you use and refer to it as needed (in terms of methodology and what not)

b) Drop the idea that you are "studying" for the test

The only "studying" you may be doing is learning about the LSAT (what it is, looks like, etc.) and methods to tackle it. Aside for that, the LSAT tests how well you can think logically (find deductions) and comprehend written information. LG primarily tests logic, RC primarily tests comprehension, and LR is about 50-50. These are all skills, however, not knowledge. Therefore, you practice for the test, you don't study. Furthermore, as you practice, you are gaining real skills that will be directly beneficial to you both in law school and as a practicing lawyer.

c) Section off your practice between LSAT info/method, un-timed, loose-timed, strict-timed, and full prep-test practice. Early on you should focus on un-timed practice, closer to the test should be full test practice.

d) Practice, practice, practice. Put in at least 20 hours a week between now and then. When you are a month out, you should be taking several tests each week and reviewing each test from beginning to end.

e) Eat a lot of chocolate.

Good luck my friend! You will rock it!

Also note, the RC in GRE is quite a bit easier than on the LSAT. LSAT is far more dense and the questions are far more specific/broad. The method you can use on the GRE RC is not quite the same as on the LSAT.

The up side is that a lot of the skills you learn in LG and LR practice will be of huge help in RC.

Julie Fern:
december test be hardest ever.

I feel ya, I am having the worst time. I was doing pretty well, but I started a full time job because otherwise, rent isn't paid, and making time to study around work has been really hard PLUS I started getting vertigo last Saturday and I think it is really getting in the way of studying. I am doing practice questions right now, getting totally different answers than they are getting, and I don't see where they got their answers from. I'm hoping I can blame this on the dizziness...I don't know how long the dizziness is going to stick around either, and I don't have time to put off studying anymore!!!

Really freaking out! :(


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