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BC ($15k/yr - 2.0gpa min) vs Brooklyn Law ($45k/yr - top 80%)

BC ($15k/yr - 2.0gpa min) vs Brooklyn Law ($45k/yr - top 80%)
« on: August 02, 2013, 01:15:30 PM »
I just got off the wait list at BC and was offered a 15k/yr scholarship -  I was kinda surprised but really excited about it nonetheless. However, I was/still am committed to Brooklyn Law with $45k/yr scholarship. I'd really like to get into Big Law in NY (I am from NY) and I know that's an extremely difficult endeavor coming out of BLS. However, I was playing the money card by trying to minimize debt (I'd prob be in $75k out of BLS and $150k out of BC). Given these parameters, is the extra debt worth it to pick up my things and head to Boston, or should I stick it out and see what happens at Brooklyn? Thanks!

Re: BC ($15k/yr - 2.0gpa min) vs Brooklyn Law ($45k/yr - top 80%)
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I believe I responded to a post on a similar topic, but I am glad to hear you obtained scholarship money I hope this is a lesson to continue asking for more both schools want you get the best deal you can. Tell Brooklyn aobut your offer from BC and they will likely increase your scholarship amount or worse case scenario not grant you more money, but leave you in the same position. As a 0L you have tremendous bargaining power, but once your locked in to a school it is gone.

As for the actual question visit both schools and tour Brooklyn Law School and Boston College these are two very different styled Universities and Locations. Brooklyn Law School is a law school nothing else in a less than Ideal Part of Brooklyn and Boston College is a University with a Football Team, Basketball Team, all kinds of non-law students and just two very different atmospheres on top of New York being different from Boston.

Another point to address is the Conditions I am not sure if at Brooklyn you need to be in the top 20% or not be in the bottom 20% to maintain your scholarship.  Either way there is a chance the scholarship could be lost as there is a 20% chance you will finish in the bottom 20% of the class and then be stuck paying 48k in tuition for years two and three.

BC has offered you a good condition 2.0 GPA, which is good you would fail out if you didn't meet it so that is just something to consider. You may want to ask Brooklyn for a similar offer instead of requring you to be in a certain percentage of the class keep negotiating to get your way.

Big Law

Again, what is it about BigLaw you feel so enticed about what do you really know about it? Many 0L's come in with these delusions of Grandeur about it most people hate working in it. Additonally from either school it is unlikely you will obtain Big Law, but you can find a legal job.

Good luck in your decision.