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Chance at FSU?

Chance at FSU?
« on: July 07, 2013, 07:32:17 PM »
So I'm a non URM hoping to get into FSU. I am an FL resident and numbers are 3.8/154 with some decent softs working in government. So is there any hope at me getting in? Any hope at negotiating a $3k to $5k scholarship if a tier 4 offers close to a full ride or a complete full ride? I looked at and saw that I may stand a chance but it is slim. Thoughts?

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Lawschoolnumbers is pretty accurate, but you never know. If your a Florida resident don't forget about Floria International, which is only 12k or so a year if your a Florida resident.

Please don't get to caught up in the rankings as an attorney myself I can tell you they mean very little unless you were dealing with Harvard, Yale, Stanford, but like 98% of law students those are nto options.  Bottom line is Florida State is not going to have people knocking down your doors it is a fine school, but the reality is that at any ABA school you learn the same exact thing. Your first year will consist of Torts, Contracts, Property, Civil Procedure, and Criminal Law maybe Crim Pro or Con Law instead taking the other ones in 2L. In these courses you will read Supreme Court cases and the Supreme Court does not write separate opinions for different ranked schools. You will read Palsgraff in Torts to learn proximate cause, Pennoyer v. Neff to learn notice etc.

At the end of your three years you will take Barbri or Kaplan to assist you with the Florida Bar and you will be a classroom with Miami, Florida Coastal, Florida State, Florida, Barry, and schools across the country listening to Epstein's lecture on contracts. If you pass the bar you will get a bar card and it will not list your law school rank you will have a license to practice law and what you do with that is up to you.

As an additional point remember U.S. News is a for-profit, unregulated magazine, offering an opinion so don't make a life altering choice based on it. The formula they use makes almost no sense as 60% of the ranking consists of people filling out Scrantons on a scale of 1-5 regarding schools they have never dealt with. U.S. News also ranks more than law schools New Mexico is teh best place to live are you going to move there because they have a balloon festival? Probably not, but maybe you love balloon festivals just don't let U.S. News make a life altering decision for you.

I think FSU, Florida, and FIU are the best schools to attend in Florida based on in-state tuition. Miami, Barry, Florida Coastal, Stetson, and Nova are all three times as much per year so FIU in my mind is a way better deal, but visit all the schools and talk to professors, admins, students, and make sure the school is a fit as each school does have a culture to it and make sure it suits your style.

Congrats on taking all the steps to apply to law school and good luck.

Re: Chance at FSU?
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 I plan to apply to FSU, UM, FIU, Nova and St. Thomas. I think I will get close to a full rude  at St.  Thomas and perhaps a nice discount at FIU. Would you suggest taking these offers over FSU at resident sticker? Also, I'm not necessarily looking at rankings in making my decision. More so at bar passage and employment numbers which FSU has a major advantage over  the other schools

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Well one thing to careful about with scholarships is the condition that are attached. Typically it will be something alone the lines of maintaining a 3.0 GPA for your first year to maintain your full-ride for years 2 & 3. As a 0L unfamiliar with law school getting a 3.0 sounds like a piece of cake, but most schools only allow 35% of the class to have a 3.0 at the end of first year. Again as someone that was admitted to law school you and 100% of your classmates at any school will be smart, hard-working, and motivated and 100% of them on the first day think they will be in the top 10% of the class and there is no way they would not finish in the top 35%, but there is a 65% chance you will not finish in the top 35% and a 50% chance you will finish in the bottom half of the class. Nothing against you just the simple realities of law school. I think the NY times does a better job explaining the merit scholarship system than I can in this article. . They really rip Golden Gate in this article, but this practice is done by almost every law school I am aware of.

The bottom line is whatever scholarship you receive look at the conditions and ASK QUESTIONS about it. Law school is a business and they will do whatever they can to attract you to the school and do what they can within the rules to get the scholarship removed. I don't think it is a shady practice personally and as a law student you need to really ask questions about whatever conditions there are.

As for Bar Passage and Employment Stats again I think those are highly misleading as well. If a school has a below 50% rate then an issue might be present, but the reality is passing the bar is far more up to the individual than the school. As I mentioned at any of these schools you will learn the same exact thing then enroll in Barbri or Kaplan and the bar is "f****ng hard and you have to put in probably 10 hours a day for 2 months straight and no school can force you do that it will be up to you.

The same with finding a job none of these schools will result in the red carpet being rolled out for you and it will be up to you to find a job. Honestly, most normal people I have meet from every caliber of law school in the Bay Area wind up with a legal job of some sort. I never been to Florida so maybe it is different there, but I imagine it is pretty similar to the Bay Area. Also remember the stats mean very little as they can be manipulated to no end and most importantly law grads are under no obligation to report their employment and once studying for the bar and starting out as a lawyer you will be hustling and not want to spend the time to fill out an employment survey that is voluntary.

Some people do I didn't when I graduated I meant to, but I imagine you have had many things in your life where you say I will send that Birthday Card or make that phone call and days turn into weeks turn into months and the report never gets sent in. The majority of my classmates did the same thing so these stats are not very accurate since the majority of students don't report.

So with all that you want to visit all the schools on your list and see what the conditions on scholarships are if you can have guaranteed In-State tuition that is pretty awesome as the pressure will be off. Make sure you could live in Miami , Fort Lauderdale, or Tallahassee for three years and make sure the school is a good fit for you.

Most importantly of all there is no right answer to what school to choose there is no secret at any of these schools if you graduate you will be able to take the bar exam and become a lawyer. What you do with your law license will be much more up to you than the name on your diploma.

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Re: Chance at FSU?
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