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Something for 0L's, current law students, and newly minted JD's to think about

With all the negativity on various law school boards it is very easy to get demoralized and be scared away from law school or allow current law students or new attorneys struggling to get wrapped up in the negativity and feel sorry for themselves. However, I have been doing research for regarding various legal figures in history. During this project I often read about the first African American attorney in a state and I just learned about the first women to argue in the Supreme Court Belva Ann Lockwood

The things these people had to overcome is truly inspirational and as many are aware women were not allowed to vote or often even attend law school. African American's were not allowed to do a number of things as well and you read about people like   John Langston the first ever African American admitted to the Ohio State Bar who could not attend law school, but got a law license because one Judge would let him use his law library after hours.

What people can accomplish when they don't sit around and feel sorry for themselves is amazing. To any current law student or recent graduate who is sitting and complaining on sites like JD Underground,, toplawschools, about how unfair the system is needs to wake up. Maybe you didn't attend Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and people are not lined up the block to hire you, but if you want to succeed as a lawyer you don't just see a door closed and walk away you have to fight to kick it down. That is what Langston and Lockwood did they didn't say how unfair it is for women and leave it at that they did something about it. If your in some scenario where all you are doing is complaining get out and do something about it make a change, but sitting in front of computer complaining is only going to demoralize you and prevent you from accomplishing anything.

If are lucky enough to have had the opportunity to attend a law school you should consider yourselves very fortunate.  Having lived in China and other countries I know that many people simply want to get a job permit or to attend some form of education. You are not banned from applying for jobs and there are student loans available additionally the vast majority of law studnets I know did not come from Compton or some other adverse area typically you are rich, white, and have very few obstacles stand in your way. You have not need  nor  in at night to study for the bar exam or be turned away based on the color of your skin or gender.

 The amount of opportunity available to everyone today is unbelievable and when anyone has had the good fortune of being able to attend law school and sits around and feels sorry for themselves remember people like John Langston or Belva Lockwood who did not sit around and feel sorry for themselves, but overcame tremendous odds. The ball is in your court and a law school gives you a ticket to a law license do something with it other than complain on the internet.

Additionally, if anyone was intelligent enough to get into an ABA law school and pass the bar they are intelligent enough to figure out the problems they are facing. However, nothing will be handed to you and there are flaws in a number of systems today, but go out and do something to change them don't sit on an internet discussion board saying how hard it is to find a job. Lockwood petitioned the Supreme Court to simply be allowed to argue she did not sit in her home or a coffeshop complaining to anyone that might listen.

I hope this post will encourage young attorneys to realize how lucky they are to have had the opportunity to attend law school and encourage OL's who really want to attend law school to not be scared of all the negativity you read. The truth is you make your own luck and create your own path do not be discouraged by the incessant ramblings of anonymous internet posters about how hard everything is just use your common sense if you choose to pursue a legal career and realize it will be a challenge, but if your up for the challenge it can be a very rewarding career.

Stepping off Soapbox. :)

Great outlook, LL. No question that a positive, no fear attitude can carry a person a lot further than dwelling in perpetual self-pity.