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W & L ranks 135th in Class of 2012 ABA Employment Report


According to Dan Filler on the Faculty Lounge Washington & Lee  ranks 135th on the Class of 2012 ABA Employment Report (JD Required, FT, LT Minus Law School Funded). This puts it below Faulkner, Touro, Liberty, Regent, and other low ranked law schools.  See Other surprises on the list are IU Maurer and Conn.

The rankings are not to be taken seriously a school can drop 20-30 spots or rise 20-30 spots an given year because the formula used to rank schools makes very little sense.
Frankly it doesn't need to U.S news is a for profit unregulated opinion offering an opinion, which they are entitled to do. However, law students should not make life altering decisions based on this magazine. Law students should not forget to use their common sense. Obviously Harvard, Yale etc are elite institutions, but whether W &L is ranked 70 or 140 nobody really cares.

I review my lawyer resumes and I can tell you I have never looked at U.S news to in the selection process. Realistically first thing I look at is location I am in the Bay Arra if I resume from Chicago I am going to pads over it just because I don't want to deal with the conversation of paying for flight and hotel for the candidate. Even they are exceptional They will need to move and decide they want to move, which can be a long process and again not something  I want to deal with when Hastings, Golden Gate, Davis, Mcgeorge, USF, Boalt, and Santa Clara are all within 100 miles.

That is common sense applied and why law students should not take these rankings to seriously. It is to bad W & L dropped , but I'm sure the professors and facilities and all the students that were there last year are all present.

Legend love the passion and agree with everything you said, but Lrt was using ABA employment data, which although not the best compilation of information is better than U.S. News.

There are plenty of issues with tracking employment stats, but there is some credence to it. I also think the actual article written with the data is excellent and hits all the crucial points such as U.S. News and the rankings in this poll don't really matter.

Anyway keep posting!

That's correct. I was using the job placement rate, not the us news rank.

I figured as much


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