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Barry or Coastal?

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Could not agree more with Maintain satisfaction or disappointment depends entirely on expectations. Believe it or not everyone wants the same thing and there are plenty of people that are passionate about foreclosure defense, family law, criminal law etc. Barry can certainly get you a job doing that or even as a D.A P.D etc. It is also possible to work for firms etc, but harder and some doors will be closed.

Frankly Cravath is not hiring anyone from UM or Barry. You won't find many Supreme Court Clerks fro
 Those schools either.

Reading the OP's post it sound like they have no desire to work for a big firm and want to be an attorney in Orlando certainly doable from Barry. Had the OP I want make a minimum off 100,000 k out the gate and work in a NY firm Barry would be a terrible choice, but each person has their own situations and if someone wants to be an Attorney in Orlando Barry is a fine choice, but outside of that it won't open many doors.


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Beware of any school that has a high attrition rate.

For the most recent class reported to the ABA, Barry starts with a 1L class of 293 and 17.5% either failed out or decided not to return for year 2.  Barry's Florida Bar pass rate was approximately 10% lower than the state average.

Florida Coastal, a for profit school started its recent 1L class with 580 students.  A whopping 30.% either failed out or chose not to return to Coastal for their 2d year.  Coastal's Florida Bar pass rate was approximately 4% lower than the state average.

If you compare the attrition rates of Barry and Coastal with other Florida law schools you will see that in most  instances Barry and Coastal are much higher. 

In my opinion Barry has a high attrition rate but Coastal has an unconscionable attrition rate.

Good luck.

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Attrition rate is something to consider, but an important thing to realize is that attrition does not always mean failing out. Barry for example has a 17.5% attrition rate and 48 students did not come back for 2L. However, only 20 of the 48 did not come back due to academic reasons

Of the remaining 28 students 21 transferred likely to better schools no it is not bad attrition it is good for those 21 students. The other 7 students likely decided the law was not for them or went on to some other opportunity.

In reality well under 10% failed out due to academic reasons and the majority of academic attrition comes from part-time studnets who try to balance legal education and a job , which doesn't work out.

I don't think anyone is arguing Barry or Coastal are elite institutions, but you really need to read into these statistics there is a lot more detail in them.

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Statistics can be manipulated to say whatever they want and I am all for lawschooltransparency's mission, but frankly what does "underemployed" mean? here is their and in the ABA data it says 218 of 363 graduates have bar passage required jobs and this is only 9 months after graduation, which is a flaw in the data collection. The reality is no ABA law student from any school can even be employed in a bar passage required job until 7 months after they graduate. The reason for this is you graduate in May then you take the bar in July and results in most states are released in October or November. So if you graduate in May you cannot work as a licensed attorney until 6 months after you graduate then very few people hire during the holiday season and you can't even really look for work until January, which is 9 months.

Additionally, the situation of each person is unique to them I know one person from my school got a job as a D.A., but failed his drug test he is not employed, because he has a drug problem it has nothing to with the school.

Another classmate of mine had a father that was diagnosed with Cancer and had 6 months to live instead of looking for work my classmate stayed with his father until the end. He found a job, but again it shows not everyone is in the same boat.

On top of that half of the class as Hofstra finished in the bottom half and 25% of the students finished in the bottom quarter and if you finish in the bottom quarter of Hofstra is going to be easy? No.

Further analysis 21% of their students did not pass the bar and that means only 79% of students can obtain jobs that require bar passage. Again, passing the bar has a lot more to do with the individual than the school itself it is an insanely difficult test that requires intense focus and preparation for months. Many people are unsuccessful their first go around.

Bottom line is these stats do not really say anything you cannot measure people in this manner. You can measure LSAT scores of incoming students that is objective criteria, but what each person does in their career and their goals are unique to each individual and not every single law school graduate is 25 year old kid who passes the bar on their first try, wants to go straight into the working world, and has no obstacles during the timeframe right after graduation.

Any ABA school Hofstra included will provide you with a solid legal education and provide you with the opportunity to take the bar exam. If you successfully pass the bar and are deemed morally fit to practice you will be given a law license and what you do with that has a lot more to do with you than the name of your law school. 

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Just though I would share some good news about Barry than won a Mock Trial competition in San Francisco beating in state Rivals Stetson and Florida State along with ten other schools. I was in a judge in this competition and was impressed with all schools involved, but Barry definitely deserved the win.

The results also show it is about the individual student not the name of the law school.

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That is the beauty of trial competitions and just like real trial nobody cares about what school you went in the heat of litigation. Congrats to the Barry students that won the competition.

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Indeed or in the vast majority of the legal profession or any profession if you get results nobody cares where you came from.

Tom Brady was the 199th Draft Pick

The following QB's were drafted ahead of him

 Chad Pennington, Marshall - Drafted by the New York Jets in Round 1, Pick 18.
Giovanni Carmazzi, Hofstra - Drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in Round 3, Pick 65.
Chris Redman, Louisville - Drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in Round 3, Pick 75.
Tee Martin, Tennessee - Drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in Round 5, Pick 163.
Marc Bulger, West Virginia - Drafted by the New Orleans Saints in Round 6, Pick 168.
Spergon Wynn, SW Texas State - Drafted by the Cleveland Browns in Round 6, Pick 183.

None of them are in the league anymore and the only two that had any impact were Chad and Mark.

Tom Brady got results and is going to the Hall of Fame and may be one of the greatest QB's of all time.

The same story can be told in every profession and if you apply yourself in anything you can accomplish great things. Barry stepped up and beat schools like University of Texas, Hastings, University of Florida etc all of them are fine schools, but that Barry team was the best and they won.