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Hi all. I've been lurking here a while (a long while, actually) and really appreciate all the useful info. Just seeking a bit of advice as I try to make up my mind about this fall.

I'm pretty much tied to Florida because of wife and daughter, so it's basically down to Barry or Coastal (because of LSAT and UGPA). Visited both schools and Coastal struck me as nice but kind of a money grab. Went to an open house last month at Barry and their faculty blew me away and seemed genuinely interested in me during an open house and a subsequent visit. Of course, that could all be for show. (In fairness, Coastal faculty were nice, too, but it kind of came across as a bit phony).

I'm leaning toward Barry, but wondered if anyone can provide some insight as to Barry's "personal touch" and whether it's genuine or just window dressing for the open house. I've heard all the T4 arguments, etc., but I think a law school education is what the individual makes of it, so I'm not too worried in that regard. What's most important to me is: 1) An environment where I'm really treated as an individual, and 2) Bar passage. I know Barry hit 92% on bar passage last time around, and now they have some new program for 1Ls that includes early bar prep and a free iPad. I'm not going to choose a school based solely on a free iPad, of course, but it does seem like their head is in the right place. Coastal didn't really seem to have any kind of "unusual" approach to bar prep, other than studying like hell (I can do that anywhere).

All insights appreciated. Thanks!!


As I mentioned before take all anonymous internet poster advice with a grain of salt mine included.

With that said I think you really need to listen to your gut when choosing a law school and if Barry struck you as a place you wanted to be listen to your gut. Many 0L's try to make the law school decision much more complicated than it needs to be I know I did when I was a 0L thinking there was something I was missing and some right answer I would be pointed to, but it really isn't that complicated.

At any ABA law school Barry, Coastal, Harvard, Stanford, etc you will learn the law your 1L will consist of Torts, Contracts, Property, Civil Procedure, and you will read Supreme Court cases like Palsgraf in Torts to learn proximate cause, Pennoyer v. Neff in Civ Pro to learn about notice so on and so forth. What really makes a difference in your educational experience is the location of the school and the culture of the school and whether it is a fit for you or not.

If you have visited both schools and Barry felt right then Barry is probably the right fit. As for the T4 bashing take it with a grain of salt what law school boils down to is your expectations and I imagine you have the common sense to realize that if you attend these schools you will probably not be sitting on the Supreme Court or end up as a Partner at Cravath. However, you can be employed as an attorney, which can be a very rewarding career.

I can tell you I did not attend Harvard or a Top 25 school, but I graduated, passed the bar, and work as a City Attorney and I love it. I do occasionally work with the Attorney General and Harvard Grads who frankly are smarter than me, but I play a role in it and if you know what you are getting into with these schools it can be great experience.

The internet bashing comes from people who impose their expectations on others when I went to law school I had no ambition of being a big law partner or Supreme Court Justice and frankly I don't think I am smart enough to do it. Same as when I got a scholarship to a division II school for basketball I knew I was not going to the NBA and Lebron James would have laughed at a D II scholarship, but I am not Lebron James. However, I enjoyed my college B-Ball experience and could have played in European leagues etc not the NBA though.

I am kind of rambling, but I just want you to go into law school with the appropriate expectations, which is where I think all the confusion about T4's and law school in general comes up. As for the actual question if you liked Barry then go to Barry good luck.

Thanks so much for the thoughtful response, Livinglegend. You are right, of course. I tend to be a "go with the gut" kinda guy, but I also tend to research things to death beforehand.

My brother-in-law (now deceased) graduated from Barry and told me he'd do the same all over again. He had a quite successful practice before dying unexpectedly in 2011. The professors at Barry are certainly no slouches, and my gut tells me they genuinely are interested in seeing me succeed. Like you said, I have no delusions that I will be a Supreme Court justice or anything remotely close. I just want to be happy and successful in the practice of law, and it sounds like you are the living proof that a law school education is what you make of it.

Thanks again. Much appreciated.  8)

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Neither. Your chances of getting a decent job graduating from either schools is not good.


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