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This is my first time using this board and am wondering if it is normal to have a lot of anxiety about law school before I start. I really am not sure whether or not Law School is right for me. I know how difficult it is going to be (my gf is a current attorney and my brother is a current 2L) and that is not what is giving me anxiety (maybe a little that I wont do well). Mainly I am having anxiety over whether or not Law School is right for me and once I commit it will solidify my future is some sense. I am very outgoing and social, good with numbers and enjoy negotiating and traveling. I'm 26 and really need to figure out what im doing. Ive already put deposits down at law schools and not sure whether or not I should defer or not. Ive never worked in business and might have a false vision of what it might be like. I worked at a law firm for a year and a half and did enjoy it. I am really confused and not sure what I should do. I feel that law school shouldnt be creating this anxiety if it is truly what I should be doing. I am not sure whether I should pursue a JD/MBA or just a JD or just a MBA or neither. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Is it common to have this anxiety and not be sure that Law School is the right decision?


I think this is quite common for anyone attending law school or any new commitment. Whether to attend law school or not is a life altering decision and you there is no guarantee it could go great it could go terribly. When I was a 0L I can tell you I was freaking out the summer before I started it was a mixture of excitement, anxiety, hope, dread, and everything in between. However, most people in their mid twenties have the feeling of "what I am doing with my life" and if you attend law school you are taking a significant step in one direction it is a 3 year 100,000 commitment that will change your life.

It does sound like you have done a good amount of research into it and worked in a law firm and were not scared off. As for having a possible false vision you might have one, but there is no exact picture to being a lawyer it is a diverse field much like anything else really.

As for the JD/MBA what do you want to do with both of those? You shouldn't simply get more education because you don't know what to do and personally I think a law degree is far more valuable than an MBA, but I could be biased. You need to go to law school to be a lawyer you don't need an MBA to be a businessman.

I am sure you would like to hear everything will work out and this is a great decision or maybe it is horrible and you should not go, but this is your life and your decision. There is no way to know if law school is the right decision and like any big decision there is a bit of uncertainty. Whatever you decide I wish you good luck.

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It sounds like you have connections. That is the #1 problem that most people face. It's not graduating that is their problem, it is having connections. Networking helps, but having relatives who are lawyers is a good step in the right direction.


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