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should I change my test date to october?

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I just finished a Kaplan course (not much help) , my diagnostic was a 153 and after 3 months of study I have peaked at a score of 155. I have 3 weeks until my June administration and I'm devastated.  :'( Despite my hard work all of my practice tests have fallen within this range. I'm currently signed up for the June LSAT but am considering moving my test date to October. My goal score is a 165. Should I buckle down and hope for the best come test day or pay the fee and move the test to october? how will this effect my app? do most schools average their test scores?

Thanks a bunch everyone

Most schools are now taking the highest score, and most schools will tell you this on their web sites.  check out a couple of schools you want to go to. My advice is to take the test now, the practice will always do you good, and if you feel good after the test see what your score is. If you feel you bombed it, then cancel your score and take it again in the fall.

If you have done everything you can and it sounds like you have taken the Kaplan course etc take the test. A 155 will get you into an ABA law school and a 165 puts you in the top 15-20% of LSAT test takers who were all motivated enough to get a bachelor's degree and show up for the LSAT.

Most people do not get into Harvard and even when you attend law school there is a 50% chance you will be in the bottom half of the class. A 155 is not a bad score and you will likely be able to pass the bar with a score like that. Once you graduate from law school and pass the bar you are a lawyer so if that is your goal take the test and see what happens.

I was a OL once and certainly believed I was smart/special etc and I came away with a 157 I went to law school with that passed the bar and now love my job as a lawyer. I did not attend Harvard or Yale either and I am guessing you will not either, but if you want to be a lawyer the first hurdle is taking the LSAT.

I also have to point out if you put off the test it you will probably never take it. Life has a way of throwing surprises at you and odds are in October you will think you could do a little better and just keep putting it off. It sounds like your as ready as you can be so I would advice you to take the test and see what happens. Once you have the LSAT score combined with your GPA you will know what your options really are.

Good luck whatever you decide.

Julie Fern:
october test be hardest ever?


--- Quote from: Julie Fern on June 12, 2013, 12:25:44 PM ---october test be hardest ever?

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I've never seen this kind of indecision from you before, Julie. Is everything okay, or should I invite BW back to play?


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