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Extreme Splitter with 2 Masters Degrees-Chances?


Extreme Splitter with 2 Masters Degrees-Chances?
« on: May 18, 2013, 09:04:24 AM »
So I graduated from an extremely competitive state university in 2001 at the age of 20. I was 16 when I started college, partied way too much, changed my major a few too many times and finished with a 2.3 overall gpa. I double majored in History and English Literature. My History major gpa was a 2.7 and my English major gpa was a 3.6. I worked several years in the film industry and in management positions. I ended up going back to school and receiving 2 Masters Degrees from an Ivy league institution, one in English Literature (gpa 3.7) and the other in Film/Visual Arts (gpa 3.9). My overall graduate gpa is a 3.8 and I graduated with honors. My lsat score is 170. I have no clue whether or not I would get into law school anywhere. When I applied to law school my senior year of college, the dean of Northwestern law urged me to get a masters degree, retake the lsat and basically do something that shows I am not the same foolish 20 year old who lacked focus. I've done all of those things and I'm aware that LSAC only factors in your ugpa but the law schools themselves still require transcripts from graduate institutions attended for a reason. However, when I talk to other law school applicants the consensus is who cares if you have 2 Masters from an Ivy league school and graduated with honors in 2013? Who cares if you scored a 170 on the lsat this year? Twelve years ago you barely graduated with a 2.3 and that's all that matters now. I find it hard to believe that 12 years of hard work and accomplishments count for zip. I'm 32 now and will be 33 when I hopefully start law school so I'm not concerned as much about going to a T1 school. I just want to go to law school. Does anyone think I might have a shot at getting in to law school?

Re: Extreme Splitter with 2 Masters Degrees-Chances?
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Hi There, Fellow Non-traditional (prospective) law student,

You have a lot to offer. I (32, Asian, Master's in CRJ (honors), MBA (honors) + only 3.2 UG gpa + hoping to get high 160's to mid 170's), had seen so many wonderful opportunities (through research and ppl that I know), that had thrived wayyyy after their UG years. The fact that you had a wonderful LSAT score + MA's and jobs to peruse, you make a perfect law school applicant. These days, LSAT scores weigh more than UG gpa, of which for us non-traditional students would be at least a decade ago. I suppose you just need to write a really good personal statement to show you're a great package and that you've gone way better since UG.

Best of luck!  :)