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Other graduate school programs are vigorous. None of them are a joke.   The problem with law school (that I know now) is that the student is actually learning a new language and a different way of thinking.  Other graduate school programs build on knowledge that the student has already acquired in his/her undergraduate years.  There is no bachelors' degree program with a major in law.  The student would have had to attend the pre-law seminars that (are now) readily available to introduce him/her to how to think like a lawyer.

That scholarship was specifically to attend the Walter F. George (Mercer) University School of Law.  I was accepted to a law school a few years ago.  But, I had given up on law and attended other schools after I left Macon, GA.  So, by the time I mustered up the courage to try law school again, I had already "worn out my welcome" with the federal loan program.  I reached the maximum amount I was able to borrow to attend any school again. 


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