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Between scholarships and my family's help, I can go to Northeastern or Suffolk and graduate without any debt.  I have a $30K scholarship to Seton Hall, but will need to take out loans for the remainder of the tuition and living expenses.

SH is ranked higher, but is it worth it over Suffolk or NUSL? Will my job prospects be any different with a degree from SH over NUSL or Suffolk?

I'm gonna ask you the same things they asked you over on TLS. Do you want to live in Boston, what kind of work, etc..
If you want to live/work in Boston, cross out Seton Hall. Don't think too hard on how it's ranked "higher" than Suffolk and Northeastern. You have a way better shot of landing a job in Boston with Suffolk or Northeastern than at Seton Hall.

Take my advice with a grain of salt..I'm not even in law school, just on 0L but I've done so much research on this in the past year. Just be realistic with your goals. Good luck

Just looked at your post on TLS to get more info. With your numbers, you should have better offers. You applied very late and that probably affected your results. Completely anecdotal, but know of somebody who had very similar numbers to you, but they applied very, very early and was admitted to a T6 and nearly every school in the top 30. Granted, the T6 was at sticker but it sounds like you can afford to go to a better school if your parents are supporting you. Will they offer to pay for your education if you're going to a highly ranked school? If so, it might be worth it to try and see if BC/BU are possible or a better regional than Seton Hall.

I am open to working in either Boston or the NJ/NY area. I don't have strong feelings towards either location.

I really don't want to wait another year, but that seems to be the advice that everyone is giving me.  What are your thoughts about transferring? Would you still suggest waiting for the next application cycle over going to Suffolk for a year and then transferring to a higher ranked school?

I understand about the retaking/waiting thing; I was literally about to withdraw and retake until I got a named scholarship at a school which guaranteed my scholarship for all 3 years and I couldn't pass it up. If you look at my posts, I am in your same shoes; my parents are willing to pay for school, etc. My parents were so upset when I told them I was thinking about waiting a year, and I understand that when your parents are financing it, their input weighs a lot more than anonymous posters on the internet.

With that being said, if you're not willing to retake, I'd choose Suffolk over Northeastern in your case. Northeastern at sticker is just a waste of your parents money, and at least you're not spending a ton at Suffolk. (you got a scholarship right?) Employment data is pretty similar at the don't waste the money to attend the higher ranked school.

I wouldn't go to law school hoping to transfer out. If that's your plan, you're better off waiting a year and retaking the LSAT. Curves and grading in law school make it hard to assume how well you will do. Meanwhile, you literally control your LSAT score. I wouldn't take the "transfer-out" gamble. Retake if you want to go to a better school.

In the end though, the decision is up to you. Go to a school that you feel will get you to where you want to be. It sounds like you are hesitant about going to Suffolk/Northeastern even without the debt, so that should be a red flag. Whatever you decide, go with it 100%. If I were you, my choices would be A) Suffolk B)Seton Hall C) Retake. Do not go to law school hoping to transfer. Good luck to you


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