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JD or DBA or both?


I am torn between a JD or pursuing a Doctoral of Business.  I would love to do both, not at the same time (that's just crazy!).  Both degrees take a minimum of three years, most likely longer for me since I still have to work and can do a JD part-time or write a dissertation that takes some people years to finish. 

The DBA program I am looking at has a focus on Supply Chain and Logistics.  This is ideal for me and the easy choice since I work in logistics for the federal government.

A JD could be beneficial because I don't want to do logistics forever and would love to move over to the contract side of what we do because of all the stuff I see that could be fixed if someone knew both sides of how things work, (maybe I'm just a naive idealist in this aspect).

I would love to do both programs since I truly believe that I could make an impact knowing both sides of the business.  I can only do the DBA online because the program is not offered anywhere near me here in Florida.  There is at least Florida Coastal School of Law here, a T4 ABA juggernaut.  I'm prepping for the LSAT in June. 

I know that I probably answered my own question about which program to do first but would still love to hear the pros/cons of doing both degrees over time. 

You've left out one key piece of information:  What do you want to do for a living?  Do you want to continue working for the feds in logistics?

Law School, particularly after the first year, ads little to no value other than giving you the ability to get a law license.  Sure, law school can teach you to "think like a lawyer," but I'm sure you can learn contract law on your own, especially if you are smart enough to excel in logistics at the Ph.D. level.

There is a difference between needing a law degree and wanting to know things about law. 


If you must do one, do the DBA. Based on what you wrote here about your career, you don't even need to go to law school. You certainly won't need a JD. If you want to learn about areas of law that affect your career in logistics, you can go to law school for a limited time, learning only the things that apply to what you do and what you want to know. These programs are generally called a Master of Legal Studies or Master of Studies in Law.


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