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Never too late

Re: Never too late
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Dear California Law School Dean:

Thank you for your words of encouragement.  I am a non-traditional student who understands the rigors of

academia.  My former profession allowed me the honor and privilege of staying close to where I did my under-

graduate studies. I recently started studying for the LSAT and wanted to get a feel for the updates on

standardized testing.  It was comforting to see that people in my age cohort will be attending law school.

My under-graduate GPA: 3.67 (Weighted). 

Indeed, the college I attended did not foster grade inflation.     

I needed to feel the pulse of the non-traditional student-find an educator that could speak frankly about non-

traditional students and find my academic travel direction.   My first barrier, I thought was age, but that is not

a major factor, my next journey will be study, study, study.     

I enjoy research and look forward to working with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Defending

Peace Officers through research methods.   My emphasis will be Criminal Defense upon entering law school.   

I am totally excited about this journey-finding my "True North", is wonderful.       

One again, thank you for your input on the matter of non-traditional students attending law school.     

Re: Never too late
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Ultimately, there is no national law license due to some inscrutable 10th Amendement issue.  Much the same like states being allowed to make a complete mess of insurance regulation.