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Any personal feedback on Abraham Lincoln University School of Law?

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Just looking for any personal insight on the school. I'd love to hear from current students or alumni. I'm considering attending the open house in April, anyone else?

Thanks for your time.

Someone else posted a question about this school in June 2009.  Go back to the previous pages on this forum to see if anyone else has comments about it and send them an email.  Hopefully, they will still be around to help you out.

I know someone who went there. She actually was able to get an indefinite paid law clerk position in the DA's office after graduating but before taking the bar so she did that for a couple years. No idea if she ever passed the bar though.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. It is much appreciated!

Leah Strand:
See there are other better law schools one should go for but in case You are employed for full time and have no time for classes Abraham Lincoln university will be the best choice.



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