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--- Quote from: Duncanjp on April 02, 2013, 11:32:04 PM ---I agree with you that the mere activity of learning the law is well-suited to online study, Jon. But becoming a successful attorney involves more than just rote memorization of esoteric rules and learning to perform legal analysis. What do online programs substitute for the face-to-face relationships you form in brick and mortar law schools? I don't believe that the importance of forging relationships and making friends with your classmates can be overstated. (It would take some effort.) Seeing the same people in classes month after month and year after year cements those relationships. I usually prepare for my exams by sitting alone in my den with the door shut, laboring over practice exams and outlines. But the rest of the time, it seems like a mistake to brush off the all-important element of networking if your goal is to succeed in the legal field.

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But why would Law be different from credentialed Psychology, Public Administration or Legal Studies (MASL) online programs? To tell you the truth there is a higher percentage of a-hol;es in the legal field - in all those lawyer jokes there must be a kernel of truth? The whole thing has to do with the ABA, schools that make money from the students and overpaid law professors - online study cuts the costs down fro the student.


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