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Stuck at 165

Stuck at 165
« on: March 16, 2013, 05:13:14 PM »
Hi guys,

So I just picked up my LSAT study from a year and a half ago. (I studied on and off while I was in graduate school and then picked it back up while working a few weeks ago).

I've been pretty stuck in the low-mid 160s for the past few weeks and would appreciate some perspective...

Background Info: I have been studying quite a bit so far - I've gone through all the Kaplan, Princeton Review, PowerScore and LSAC (SuperPrep) prep books a few times. I got to the point where I was consistently getting 177+ in Untimed tests.

Prep Method Now: For the past three weeks now I have been tackling two sections a day under strict timed, loose timed and un-timed conditions. Strict = go until 35 min per section then guess on remaining questions; Loose = after 35 min. are up and you "guessed" on remaining questions, keep going to see how long it takes to finish the section at the same pace; Un-timed = before grading each section, review each question and answer choice, categorizing why a response is 100% correct and why each response is 100% incorrect. For the past three weeks, however, I have not been able to improve much. I am maintaining between a 163-166 Strict Timed score, 170 Loose Timed Score and a 177 Untimed Score.

What has improved has been my time. Before my times were LR: 45 min.; RC: 45 min.; LG: 45 min.; now my times are LR: 40 min.; RC: 42 min.; LG 35 min.. Also note that I started with PT 7 and am planning on going through all published PTs between now and the June test with the most recent closer to June.

Not sure if there is anything you guys recommend? Should I just keep what I'm doing up and eventually progress will show itself or what? I've debated dropping doing each section over again un-timed before checking my work so I could use that time doing more timed practice, but I feel like I could still benefit from the untimed work.