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It is a numbers game - just like a lottery. Some schools will not read your application.  There are two people who look at your file initially.  One is the person who screens the LSAC reports which are sent in.  The other person has a "profile" sheet corresponding available seats to candidates the school "wants".  They know how many people will likely apply and how many they want. Out of the number they want (say, 240), they know that a percentage will not accept the admission and matriculate.  Every week, they pre-screen and pre-select the seats they have to fill (special needs, military, foreign students, minorities, disabled, public interest scholarships, etc.) from the "profile list".  They always leave a few seats empty until the very end (well past the deadline) in case some genious who is too dumb to apply to a better school sends in an app with glowing recommendations and 179 LSAT!; or, some legacy candidate (or someone who knows someone) just can't seem to get in their first choice of school.

The best index* scores (some function of the SAT and GPA "majic" formula) are matched against this list.

Should you get lucky and your LSAC file comes in when there is a vacancy on the list, then you are chosen.  It is only then that your application and supporting documents will be put aside to review later.  That is why it is a numbers game with some degree of luck involved. If by chance you are denied, then you are DENIED.  The file goes away.  This explains why some people who wait until the last minute with mediocre grades, low LSATS, and criminal records, get reviewed - some even GET IN!..while other seemingly more astute do not. 

* Some schools publish their index, some do not, adding more mystique to this unscientific approach.

It is therefore imperative that you consistently apply to as many schools which may match your "numbers" as possible.  If your file gets read, then you stand a better chance of getting in.  Two people are not going to read 3,000 applications!  When those two people have seen 300, then the committee picks from those. Then to really make it interesting, some schools have "rolling" admission.  ROFL!  WTF? -the unmitigated audacity to let you know in advance you are getting it!

That is the grand science, in a nutshell, of modern law school admittance.  Best of luck, on your TIMING:)

As far as prestige goes, get prestige to pay the tuition.  It is a farce. T14, T34, whats next? T155?  Get a degree where you can get in #1
#2- Get it paid for
#3 - Pass the Bar - all that learnin' don't do no good without a license! Unless you want to deny SSI applicants all day for a living
#4-Refer to #3
#5-Refer to #4

As far as LSAT and GPA scores go, get as high as you can get and live with it.  Do not be ashamed to apply to a "top" school with mediocre credentials.  Explain why you did so in your personal statement. Someone may actually read it:)

The rest is all a bunch of hooey.


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