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My name is Court..... Anyone remember me?


Flame on!

1. Omg 9 years of discussion, there went my youth!

2. I met my best friend in the entire world on LSD.  We even vacay'd together!

3. I ditched my 178 LSAT to become an awesome realtor and I honestly can say I LOVE it more than I would love being a tax atty to pay off that Stanford bill.

4) I have no idea if I know anyone here now or not, but I'm going to find my thread and see if I look any different.

I have so much gratitude for LSD. Without it I wouldn't have MET my BFF, and also Had the opportunity to talk to non stone people. I am so grateful for this forum, and I can't believe it's been kickin 9 years strong! Gah, I remember when we has 200 members.

I'm old, and I promise nothing :)

P.s. why the HELL (pardon my language) do I have to type in this crap when I post?

From the state of LA?

Julie Fern:
not you one set self afire?


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